State Programs

​ The Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Program 

Reimburses landowners for performing Timber Stand Improvement projects or establishing a new Tree Planting. Iowa DNR Foresters will work with you to establish the necessary plan. Applications are available at the District office.

  • Tree planting- up to $600/acre cost share
  • Timber Stand Improvement- up to $120/acre cost share
  • Windbreak- $1600 per applicant

Cost-Share & Incentive Programs
The Dubuque Soil and Water Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service administer state and federal cost share and incentive programs for soil conservation and water quality projects in Dubuque County. Contact us to discuss options or arrange for a site visit with a conservationist. To apply for cost-share, please call or visit the USDA Service Center in Epworth to get assistance with the application process. Applications can be accepted at any time. Funding is limited for all programs.

​ Iowa Financial Incentive Program 

  • Grassed Waterways- 50% cost share ($15,000 cap)
  • Terraces- 50% cost share
  • Grade Stabilization Structures- 50% cost share ($35,000 cap)

Water Quality Initiative (WQI)

Cost share up to 160 acres for the following practices: 

  • Cover Crops- $25/acre for 1st time users
  • Cover Crops- $15/acre for previous users
  • No-Till, Strip-Till, Ridge Till- $10/acre 1st time users only

USDA Programs

Dubuque Soil & Water Conservation district